Our Story

Wylde Brigade is a collective of the adventurous ones, the seekers, the wanderers and the conscious consumers. We are purveyors of artisan made accessories and essentials designed for home, perfect for the road, and treasured all the places in between. 

Small batch goods that are built to go the extra mile...because the mountains are calling and it's time to go. 

Together we work with our artisan partners in Ecuador and Bali to bring you the highest quality and specially designed goods, using responsible production methods 

Our essentials line is done completely in house - we hand mix and hand pour every single yummy smelling item in our BC studio.  

Wylde Brigade studio sewingWylde Bridgade door in Ecuador

Hey, I'm Leanne! I have been designing and sewing nearly my entire life. I am a little bit obsessed with textiles and travel...so much so that I have morphed my business completely around our remote, adventure soaked lifestyle. We travel back and forth to our partner facilities around the world, where I work hand in hand with the artisans to create only the finest designs for our collections. My purpose to help you feel at home, wherever in the world you may be.